Liquid Biopsy

truXTRAC cfDNA™ Kits

designed to standardize circulating cell-free DNA extraction…
an active AFA-based, high-throughput, high-yield system

Circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) biomarker utilization in noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT), cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment monitoring is becoming increasingly prevalent, and has the potential of continuing to generate actionable clinical data when combined with next generation sequencing (NGS) technology. Unfortunately, the currently available methods for the extraction and purification of  cell-free DNA from whole blood are underdeveloped, low throughput, and specifically designed for use with fresh plasma or serum from K3EDTA-stabilized whole blood requiring rapid on-site processing since leukocyte lysis and genomic DNA contamination of K3EDTA-stabilized plasma begins shortly after collection and accelerates rapidly after 4 hours. Collectively, these barriers limit the number of samples that can practically be studied for the discovery and validation of actionable clinical mutations. Blood collection tubes such as the Streck Cell-Free DNA™ BCT* tubes, specially designed for ccfDNA stabilization, contain fixative releasing stabilizer agents that enable shipping and ambient storage of whole blood for up to 7 days without significant increase in genomic DNA contamination or ccfDNA degradation.

While utilizing Streck tubes resolves the cfDNA stabilization issue, covalent crosslinks formed by the stabilizer introduce complexities for the extraction step, which can be resolved only by an active extraction method.

The Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA®) enabled truXTRAC cfDNA extraction system is an active method of dissociating and extracting cfDNA from histone-cfDNA and other protein- cfDNA covalently linked complexes which occur in Streck Cell-Free BCT-stabilized plasma. Active extraction of cfDNA significantly increases the yield, throughput, and complexity of available cfDNA from plasma, while greatly reducing the inter-sample purification variability.

Consistent Increase in cfDNA Across Wide Range of Donor Samples

Copy of 06012016qPCR multi-samplevalidation

Figure 1. The results of a multi donor experiment comparing cfDNA yield of a benchmark cfDNA kit and truXTRAC cfDNA kit indicate a consistent increase in cfDNA with all donor samples. cfDNA Yield was obtained by subtracting the qPCR yield of the 411bp amplicon representing the contaminating genomic DNA in plasma from  the qPCR yield of the 67bp amplicon which represents the cfDNA yield.

Copy of 06012016 Ratio of ccfDNA to bacground DNA

Figure 2. The ratio of the qPCR yield of cfDNA and background genomic DNA contamination, indicate increased yield of cfDNA, and reduction in the non-specific background genomic DNA contamination.


Part # Product Name Description
520212 truXTRAC cfDNA The truXTRAC cfDNA extraction and purification kit contains AFA-optimized reagents and consumables required for processing twenty five Streck BCT stabilized plasma samples

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