Chromatin Immunoprecipitation:
NGS-grade, pre-analytical preparation


truChIP™ Chromatin Shearing Kits are designed and optimized to provide flexible, universal solutions for chromatin shearing using the unique, high-performance of Covaris reagents and Focused-ultrasonicators. truChIP Kits enable the benefits of the AFA-based chromatin shearing for ChIP protocols and workflows to be filly realized. Isothermal, non-contact AFA-optimized truChIP kits bring the advantages of Focused-ultrasonication directly to ChIP assays by increasing both sensitivity and reproducibility.

  • Precise and reproducible chromatin shearing for ChIP & ChIP Seq experiments
  • Controlled chromatin shearing, maintains epitope integrity, increases sensitivity
  • Reduced formaldehyde fixation and low SDS concentration increase chromatin availability
  • Seamless integration into any ChIP protocol
Application Notes and Case Studies

Optimizing sample fixation and chromatin shearing for improved sensitivity and reproducibility of chromatin immunoprecipitation
Cross-linked Yeast Chromatin shearing on the Covaris E210
Covaris truChIP– the Next Generation Technology for Chromatin Shearing