The Covaris microTUBE is specifically designed and engineered for compatibility with Focused-ultrasonicators utilizing AFA technology and small sample volumes. The microTUBE is widely used to shear DNA and RNA into fragments with distributions centered from 100 to 1,500 bp (for larger size DNA see our miniTUBE and g-TUBE products). DNA Shearing with AFA and microTUBE is the industry standard and the recommended method for DNA shearing by Illumina, Life Technologies, and Agilent. DNA shearing with Covaris AFA and microTUBE is used by the leading sequencing centers worldwide.

The microTUBE is also ideally suited for other applications with AFA in small volumes such as Chromatin Shearing for ChIP, Tissue disruption and homogenization for biomarker discovery and ADME/Tox screening.

The microTUBE is a critical component of the AFA acoustic circuit, focusing the acoustic energy and optimizing inertial cavitation. microTUBE are made of a special borosilicate glass for low impedance and better transmission of acoustic energy. The integrated AFA fiber helps nucleation of cavitation bubbles and allows more uniform sample processing, which in turn increases the efficiency and reproducibility of nucleic acid shearing. The result is the simultaneous collapse of millions of high energy bubbles that allow Covaris microTUBE to accurately, precisely, and controllably exert mechanical energy on your sample. This energy is able to shear DNA and RNA down to 100 bp one magnitude faster than other technologies. Focused-ultrasonicators utilizing AFA technology is also used extensively to shear chromatin and disrupt tissues.

For higher throughput applications with the E220 and LE220 Focused-ultrasonicators the microTUBE plate, microTUBE racks , and microTUBE Strips are available.

Feature Benefit
Isothermal No heat damage, so sample quality and labile metabolites are preserved
Non-contact, closed vessel No cross contamination, clean-up, or aerosol formation
Accurate, Precise, and reproducible Processes and protocols are highly reproducible delivering exactly the size distribution needed for your application, so you have more DNA exactly the size you need with every experiment
Gentle DNA is undamaged providing higher yields and better sensitivity in all downstream applications
Non-biased Mechanical shearing delivers DNA fragments unbiased by sequence context, GC content, or other factors, providing the best template for all sequencing applications
Higher Yield Delivering sheared DNA of the optimal size for your sequencer, by unbiased, and non-damaging (eg, heat damage), means there is DNA and RNA ready for your library preparation when you shear by AFA in a microTUBE
DNA Shearing
Highly Versatile DNA samples treated with different AFA treatments and analyzed with Agilent Bioanalyser 12k chip
DNA Concentration independent DNA samples of different concentration treated with the same AFA treatments and analyzed with Agilent Bioanalyser 12k chip
Highly reproducible across a 96 microTUBEs plate 96 samples processed following a 200bp treatment in a Covaris 96 microTUBEs plate and analyzed with Caliper GX 1k
96 samples processed following a 200bp treatment in a Covaris 96 microTUBEs plate and analyzed with Caliper GX 1k. Peak sizes are plotted for each sample as a function of their position in a row and column.
RNA Shearing
microTUBE Snap-Cap AFA Fiber

For single tube processing in S220, E220 or M220. Sample volume 130ul
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microTUBE Crimp-Cap AFA Fiber

For batch processing in E220 or LE220. Sample volume 130ul
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8 microTUBE strip

For automation friendly processing in E220 and LE220. Sample volume 130ul
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96 microTUBE plate

For automation friendly processing in E220 and LE220. Sample volume 130ul
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microTUBE™ kits (Including racks and holders ):
M220 microTUBE Accessory Kit
S-Series DNA Shearing microTUBE Snap-Cap Kit
E-Series DNA Shearing 24 Snap-Cap Kit
E-Series DNA Shearing 24 Crimp-Cap Kit
E-Series DNA Shearing 96 Crimp-Cap Kit
L-Series DNA Rack 96 Place Crimp-Cap microTUBE
E and L-Series Rack 12 Place 8 microTUBE Strip

microTUBE™ Accessories:
microTUBE Prep Station and Stand
Centrifuge microTUBE Adapter 6x16mm (25)
E-Series Intensifier

The following table summarizes compatibility between microTUBE and Covaris Focused-ultrasonicator.
It also includes which holder to choose. (NC stands for Non Compatible)

LE220 M220
  Single tube Holder 24 or 96 tubes Rack 96 tubes Rack Single tube Holder
Snap-Cap microTUBE 500114 500111 (24 tubes)
500282 (96 tubes)
NC 500414 and 500421
Crimp-Cap microTUBE 500114 500182 (24 tubes)
500282 (96 tubes)
500282 (96 tubes) NC
Screw-Cap microTUBE 500339 500308 500308 500414 and 500488
96 microTUBE plate NC 520078 (included in the plate) 520078 (included in the plate) NC
8 microTUBE strip NC 500191 500191 NC