Ultra-low Volume DNA Shearing

The Covaris microTUBE-15 is engineered to optimize DNA Shearing in small sample volumes with Focused-ultrasonicators utilizing Adaptive Focused Acoustics (AFA) technology.

  • 15 μl sample volume processing
  • Accurate, tunable & unbiased fragments
  • High DNA recovery from low sample volumes
  • Fast, one-step workflow
  • Isothermal, highly controlled, and repeatable process

microTUBE LV

New design

microTUBE-15 incorporates newly developed AFA BeadsTM. Due to their unique surface properties, AFA Beads enable fully controllable and repeatable DNA shearing in very low sample volume and at low acoustic power settings. 2D barcodes on each microTUBE-15 provide individual sample tracking.

Highly controllable DNA shearing

microTUBE-15 DNA shearing is highly reproducible and controllable. Performance is reproducible day to day and sample to sample with standard protocols developed and validated by Covaris.

microTUBE LV LV DNA Shearing


microTUBE-15 AFA Beads Screw-Cap (quantity 25, PN 520145)

8 microTUBE-15 AFA Beads Strip V2 (quantity 12, PN 520159)

Note 1: microTUBE-15 requires use of an M220, S220, E220 or LE220 Covaris Focused-ultrasonicator and associated rack or holder. Please see “Holders and Racks” below.
Note 2:  Centrifuge  microTUBE Adapters are required for all microTUBE-15 AFA Beads Screw-Cap protocols. Please see “Accessories” below.


Centrifuge microTUBE Adapters (quantity 25, PN 500406): Centrifuge microTUBE Adapters are required to hold the microTUBE-15 in a standard microcentrifuge rotor designed for 1.5 or 2 mL microcentrifuge tubes. All microTUBE-15 protocols specify an initial centrifugation step.

Starter Kits

M220 NGS microTUBE-15 Starter Kit (PN 500417)
S220 NGS microTUBE-15 Starter Kit (PN 500418)
E220 NGS 24 microTUBE-15 Starter Kit (PN 500419)
E220 NGS 96 microTUBE-15 Starter Kit (PN 500446)

Holders and Racks

For M220: M220 Holder XTU microTUBE (PN 500414) and M220 Holder XTU Insert microTUBE 15 µL (PN 500420)
For S220: Holder Screw-Cap LV (PN 500427)
For E220: Rack 24 Place microTUBE Screw-Cap (PN 500308)
Rack 12 Place 8 microTUBE Strip V2 (PN 500444)
For LE220: Rack-LV 8 microTUBE Strip V2 (PN 500445)


M220 Focused-ultrasonicator
S220 Focused-ultrasonicator

E220 Focused-ultrasonicator
LE220 Focused-ultrasonicator

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